Sunflow Solar is the product of honest, reliable and hardworking partners who value the industry and its customers.Vincent Wihare (CEO)

Sunflow Directors


Sales and Design

Vinnie is the co-director of Sunflow Solar. He has a passion for the renewable energy industry and has background in roofing and electricity. Vinnie prides himself on honesty and integrity providing potential clients a well-educated and quality proposal of solar. ‘We are very happy providing a service that does not force marketing or special sales pitches’. The quality of our work and trust we build results directly in a business that produces happy and satisfied customers without the need to ‘cut corners’ to win business. Vinnie’s goal is to ensure you are happy and confident you have made the right choice with us and your purchase.



Manuel is the co-director of Sunflow Solar. He has a successful roofing background having run his own roofing company for many years. This background also sparked an interest and passion for the solar industry. With this knowledge and skillset he partnered with Vinnie and made the perfect team to ensure customers are getting the best installation and work every single time. Manuels’ attention to detail is second to none and has an ability to provide workmanship that is premium and of the highest standard. Besides his fantastic workmanship, Manuel is very down to earth, polite and enjoys seeing his work brighten up the lives of our customers.

Who We Are

Sunflow Solar is Australia’s leading solar installation and repair company. Sunflow Solar was formed in early 2017 with 2 partners who have specialised experience in each of their fields.

Coming together, we saw an opportunity to combine our skills and offer a perfect solution for customers who were looking for quality, experience, honesty, and satisfaction. Sunflow has over 50 years of combined experience including renewable energy, electrical engineering and roofing.

We offer a unique approach to the market designing premium solar systems and energy efficient solutions that are built and designed specifically for each individuals needs.

Our relationships with reputable manufacturers and suppliers ensures you are getting premium products along with a remarkable service. We offer the complete design and installation of your system in-house, meaning we will be with you before, during and after the entire process.

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